About INTASC standards

Teachers are the most important factor in the development of the society and success of the nation. They are the ones who make the heroes by giving them proper education and know how about life and society. That is the reason because of which government has to focus upon the education and grooming of the teachers first, because only a well educated and well groomed teacher could better educate the children. Government always puts checks on teacher’s performance to see how they are performing. Previously every school or college have their own standards of performance measure but there is a performance measure on the basis of which we can better measure the performance of the teacher and that set of standards are called New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium (INTASC standards). These standards reflect the professional consensus what new teachers should do and what they are capable of doing.

The Interstate standard for New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium (INTASC) was created in 1987, and is created by state educational agencies and national educational organizations. The basic purposes of formulation of INTASC standards are to reform the preparation, licensing, and professional development of teachers. This reformation is based upon the promise that “an affective teacher must be able to integrate the content information which has been provided in the books or the articles with the specific strength and needs of the student to ensure that all students could understand what they are learning and could perform at high level”.

To accomplish the above mentioned goal, there is a list of standards which comprising called as INTASC standards has been using for beginning teachers. These standards has been comprises by taking into account to the advance educational needs and the system facilities. These INTASC standards offer an encompassing view of the skills which the new teacher should demonstrate. These standards gives the characteristically standardize view of the teacher’s personality which every teacher should demonstrate in the class room.

The basic ten standards of INTASC standards are as follows:

  1. Making Content Meaningful, this is the responsibility of the teacher to make the subject of the lesson interesting for the students, so that they can put more attention in class and could learn more.
  2. Child Development and Learning Theory, the teacher should understand the student that by what means he or she can learn more and could provide them the learning opportunities accordingly.
  3. Learning Styles, teachers should involve students in learning activities in the class room this will build interest of the student and he will learn more.
  4. Instructional Strategies, the use of problem solving and performance skills could be used by the teachers to make his or her teaching strategy.
  5. Motivation and Behavior, Teacher’s behavior should be very good with students to make them motivated.
  6. Communication, teacher should be very lenient and helpful with the students.
  7. Planning for Instruction, teacher should plan before time that what he wants to teach the class and what will be the standard of class after studying his provided material.
  8. Assessment, at different point of time, interesting and useful assessments should be taken.
  9. Professional Growth, teacher’s behavior can play a vital role in student’s professional growth
  10. Interpersonal Relationship, teacher should try to build a friendly relation with the student.